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Now is the Time to get your mind and body working together.

Just START the day giving your energy points (Chakras) some time.... (for quick download 7 min length) 

You can also get a longer version on the CD Evening Chakras for £4.99 post included (UK)  click to buy 

The Morning and Evening tracks on the CD will combine to give you a insight to your body and mind .  

Use Them! 

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Chakras - The Gateways to Full Consciousness of yourself

7th (Crown) Overcome Self Limitations.

6th (The Mind) Understanding Harmony.

5th (Throat) Brings Harmony to Speech & Voice.

4th (Heart) Brings Inner Peace, Understanding.

3rd (Solar Plexus) Controls, Aggression, Personality, Peace.

2nd(Lower Abdomen = Sacral & Spleen) Stimulates desire, Rejuvenates.

1st (Root) Calms, dissolves tension.

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This is the 2007 remix by musician Pete Rigg ( Who use's it every day and felt a tremendous change)

For shop and  info of the longer version on CD  and  Evening Chakras click on this link                   


 May be the Gift that will change you forever?

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