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What Could make you eat extra food???

 You are surrounded by food manufactures advertising they “entice” “ allure”, “attract”, “temp”, and “seduce” you to think that eating their product is what you are living for, And they know all of the tricks to effect your taste buds that make's you want and think you need more of there product.

So if you dream a great life is eating lots of cream buns or whatever! Now take this chance to Wake up!!!

Talking to Barry is the way to get your self  and body in control.

You and Barry may find out how and why you gain weight, how you are affected and then how you can change it permanently.

Most people associate losing weight with exhausting exercises, always calculating calories, and starving. 

 Today you may find out how you can successfully and permanently lose weight with Hypnotherapy.  

You can even have a *Hypno Gastric Band.   

Gastric bypass hypnosis surgery simulates an actual surgery while a person is in the hypnotic state. Because a person believes they had a real surgery and that their stomach is physically smaller, they are then able to lose weight. The hypnosis surgery has become increasingly popular as an alternative to physical surgery since there are no side effects, no risks, no recovery time.  to find out if this may help you call to arrange a free consultation. Barry 020 8384 0568or click to e-mail      or  

     (((kfkeat to live and feel good avbout yourselfE Find out the best way to lose your weight and  achieve your goal, Eat to live and feel good about yourself and stop living to eat and not feeling good about yourself. 

Easily motivated without drugs, surgery, or starving,

Barry has over 15 years experience using hypnosis for weight loss issues and with personal sessions to understand YOUR psychology for YOUR weight loss. 

 Are you already starting to fancy the Cream & Chocolate Bun?  Buy a pack of 4 too last the week then eat them all at once ?  Is that a habit that keeps on happening?


Well now look at you stomach.  IS it's time for a session on how to turn off your bad habit for too much of the wrong foods and give you a taste for foods that will increase your Fat Burning abilities that will so easily and quickly make you lose weight and feel good about yourself .  


 Call to arrange a free consultationBarry 0208 384 0568 or click to e-mail  find out how YOUR weight loss programme with me will be tailored just for YOU and what YOU need to accomplish, I will help you to use a powerful visualization that starts to become a reality of how YOU want to look and feel, YOU may discover what makes YOU think YOU are hungry? What YOUR body is sensitive too? And all the bad habits YOU have that give YOU a larger than needed stomach, 

 Find out if you have already been Hypnotized by Advertisers!  Hypnotic effects are often used in advertising.

Too much salt, too much sugar and man made chemicals that will make you feel hungry or make you thirsty (this you often mistake for hunger) and make you eat more of a product that has no  value to your health, it may just become ugly fat as you go on stuffing and stuffing it in.


 Barry's Advanced Hypnosis can help you get control.

Help you feel full during a meal that can last until your next meal, and this feeling will be like a Gastric Band, as you just cut out your real problem much more effectively than any surgeon’s knife.

 Please feel free to telephone or e-mail me for an initial (non-chargeable consultation), 

  Barry 0208 384 0568 click to e-mail     
The very personal session's can help give you so much more self respect. 




Why it is SO HARD to stop over eating to be in control with eating, exercise, and new goals,

For example, when some subjects were told NOT to eat chocolates sitting right in front of them, their persistence in puzzle solving deteriorated. When they were told to suppress an emotional reaction to a movie, they found they were unaware they had eating more chocolates.

 This maybe the reason why willpower only works in the short term. You only have the conscious resources to exhibit willpower on one (or at the most two) fronts at one time.
This maybe why it is SO HARD to stay disciplined with eating, exercise, and new goals,
 Your conscious mind is only able to process approximately 50 bits of information a second, while your sub-conscious mind processes approximately 11 million bits per second.
 That means your sub-conscious mind processes information about 220 THOUSAND TIMES FASTER than your conscious mind.
 With the discovered triggers for your desired behaviors that reside in your sub-conscious mind.  you should automatically fill full, eat less and desire healthy portions, exercise, etc… without having to think about it consciously.
Based on studies, if you have to consciously think about it all the time, you will exhaust your resources. If you can develop useful behavioral patterns sub-consciously they are more powerful.
The only method for making changes that bypass the conscious mind that is approved and validated by mainstream scientific organizations like the British Medical Association is Hypnosis
  Hypnotherapy with Barry will help stop your cravings that make you over eat and will go on to change the way you think about food and feeling healthy!!
 Barry 0208 384 0568 click to e-mail     
A Personal session can help to get your life back on track, stop that go around again and again cycle that you may spend putting on weight feeling self conscious or even insecure,


A recommendation by e-mail from Ann Travis-Lang

All testimonials are from genuine clients of Barry Dunn-Sims (SQHP). No testimonials were given in exchange for payment. 

I discovered something with Barry. I knew that I had made a good decision to Book sessions with Barry.
As we progressed through the sessions - which seemed to take 5 minutes, it was so packed with unique information I'd never heard before – Barry’s use of Hypnotherapy demonstrated something I have never seen any other Weigh loss trainer do: rather than focus on the body, training, exercising, etc. *only,* he had real, 1000% heart-filled care for our emotional and spiritual well-being as well.
I have gone through fitness programs, and they were all about cut this food out, lift these weights, and run here, calories that, eat this but don't eat the other. No one addressed the deep-seated emotional reasons we got fat in the first place.
Barry does. I felt so loved and so cared for!
As well as the Hypnotherapy Barry personally coached me about my drinking too much coffee, he said something that blew me away:
"I'd rather have you drink the coffee until YOU want to give it up, because this is about YOUR program, and if you want the ritual of your morning coffee, I don't want to take that away from you."
He knows that Hypnosis will get you to a point where your health has more importance than your habits, then we'll make new, healthy choices automatically.
Barry knows what the UNDERLYING REASON is for wanting the coffee - it isn't only about whether or not the substance itself was good for the person or not.
Barry understands that until we WANT to give something up, we can't. And if we are forced to, the giving-up leaves an energetic hole we'll fill with something else!
He says, "Get the feelings out of the food!" So he coached me on a healthier way to have my coffee, while I still have a morning Coffee until
*I* want to change it. Very cool. Deprivation is not part of this program!
With Hypnotherapy and encouraging coaching from Barry to use other really simple ways to handle cravings and habits. He literally means it when he says you are going to love your body back to fitness and health. I am so impressed!
So if you were hesitant before about using Hypnotherapy, I want to invite you - heartily - to call Barry For a Free assessment.
It's such a great way to loose weight - wait till you see how Barry helps you stave off cravings, eat right and even enjoy what you eat!
No more deprivation, starving, or blowing your heart out by working out like a Mad-Man!
Love -



SENT BY TEXT: Barry just wanted to let u know that I have just measured myself and in a month have lost 3 inches from waist and 2 from hips. Now in size 18 bottoms and 16 tops! Only 2 more dress sizes to go! Thanks so much for all your help and inspiration. Kerry Jenkings




"In two weeks I have lost 10 1/2 pounds.  I know it is due to hypnosis.  I have been able to stop snacking, to stop eating deserts, and to eat only things that are healthy. 

Thanks to the Hypno gastric band my stomach feels much smaller and also my desire and opportunity to exercise greater 

Best of all, the uncontrollable urges I used to have are gone.  To me, this is unbelievable.  I never thought I'd be rid of them.  I have tried various other methods to lose weight, but none of them dealt with the main problem -- which was always my thinking/beliefs!  I felt individualized hypnosis was the answer , and am grateful beyond words to have the chance to finally have this help.  Barry is a wonderful hypnotherapist, which made it even more pleasant than I expected/hoped.  You can be sure I will tell everyone who asks how I've lost weight that I've done (and continued to do) it through hypnosis.
Thank you Barry!"
-         Nancy Levy  **** Since then she's lost another 3 st 7 lbs  


"After just one time of seeing Barry I feel more in control of what I am eating.  And how much I am eating.  Things that I could not wait to eat just don't seem to call out to me like they did.  I have lost 10.5 lbs and am very happy with that.  And I feel that I can reach a goal that I have set for myself.  And know that once I get there I will be happier and healthier."  - Jeanie Halley
Has since lost an additional 13 pounds and has kept it off for over a year
Very comforting sessions.  Progress was slow, but lasting.  I have experienced some definite changes in my behaviours regarding my health."
  - Daryl Pechet


 Dear Barry,Thank you For the help with my weight problem?

On the day we met, and you changed what food meant to me on a deeper unconscious level, I began to realise that there was a way to lose weight EASILY.

·         I have now found it easy to stop snacking at night and I feel really happy with my body, YOU have completely re-patterned my thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about myself.With your help I have gained Control of my Health, food and diet. RON Butterworth. Middlesex.

- My experience with your weight loss program was extremely positive.  After my first session .  I immediately noted behavioural changes that contributed to a consistent weight loss.  I no longer craved sweets late at night nor snacked between meals.  The modification to my behaviour included wanting to exercising daily for the first time in my life. 

I sleep better and feel better than I have felt in years. 
Within three months I had achieved my goal."
 - Kathleen Kushnir

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