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Some Common Concerns

Clients are sometimes concerned that they will ‘Lose Control’ under hypnosis. The fact is, regardless of how deeply a client may go under hypnosis and however passive they may appear. It is a fact that they actually remain in full control of the situation. They are able to converse if they wish and can terminate the session at any time should they so wish.

It is most likely that the notion of a loss of control stems from the misconception of Stage Hypnosis, wherein participants are apparently persuaded to perform all manner of humorous acts. You should be aware that participation in a stage act is an entirely voluntary process and the opportunity to be the Centre of attention. In these cases ‘Permission’ is already given to the hypnotist.

 Curative Hypnotherapy/NLP can be a extraordinary effective method of treatment for numerous problems. The subconscious mind is where the numerous problems lie, waiting for the Therapist to carefully disentangle their complexity. 

Will I Benifit from Hypnotherapy?

Given that Hypnotherapy can be utilised to access a persons inner potential and probably no one is performing to their actual potential, then this answer can literally be YES.

Can Barry help with pain?

Barry is very experienced in all aspects of Noesitherapy & Hypnotic Pain Control. and is qualified as a RAPID RESULTS PAIN CONSULTANT. This training has helped many clients deal with their pain issue.

Can you take me into a past life?

Often it is so helpful for a lot of people, Barry has a knowledge of Intuitive Hypnotherapy and considerable expertise that can make your session very revealing.

What does Hypnotherapy cost?

Hypnotherapy Session’s cost is by consultation and dependent on time needed for your session and if you will need more than one. and also if they are Personal at the office or a home visit, or using Skype,Telephone etc , so first have a free assessment with Barry and then you will know what you will personally need and agree a cost with Barry. Tel 020 8384 0568 or e-mail,    

 POTENTIAL & CURATIVE CHANGE it is the innate healing capacity of our own body that may be stimulated by Hypnotherapy. Consequently, the list of problems which may benefit from hypnotherapy is far too long and varied to catalogue but certainly includes: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Disrupted sleep patterns,Weight Loss. Lack of confidence and Low self-esteem, All Addictions Smoking (Gambling,Drugs,) Allergies and Skin disorders, Migraine and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Fear of examinations and public speaking,

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